10 Novembro, 2021

Mechanics of the new Sec 199A deduction for qualified business income

Content People with qualified REIT dividends or PTP income Q62. Do I have to materially participate in rental real estate for it to qualify for the […]
25 Agosto, 2021

What is Total Annual Income and How Can You Calculate It?

Contents: Recording gross revenue in your income statement Example of Using the Gross Profit Margin Formula How can you calculate Operating Income? How We Make Money […]
11 Maio, 2021

Introduction To Financial And Managerial Accounting

Content Timing Of Transactions Topics Covered In Financial Accounting Similarities Of Managerial And Financial Accounting Cost Accounting Statement Preparation And Reporting Focus Reporting Details Financial Accounting […]
12 Janeiro, 2021

Securities and Exchange Commission SEC Defined, How It Works

Content SEC ensures full and fair disclosure of facts regarding securities What is SEC rule 17a-3? Formation History Regional offices Securities and Exchange Commission: Overview The […]