INFJs Are Terrible At Dating Websites In General Audio Length: 09:04

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INFJs Are Terrible At Dating Websites In General Audio Length: 09:04

Suddenly you’re John McLane in Nakatomi Plaza only till the stop button is pressed for your daydreaming. The thought of it consumes you & you eventually start imagining yourself as protagonist who is going to save day. You cannot help yourself to stop thinking about accidents, calamities, criminal activities, murders etc. being talked about in the news. You are extremely moody while socializing in a party or among a group of people. You prefer reading novels & listening to podcasts over watching cliched movies. You feel restless while sitting idle because your brain wants problems to solve.

Do you feel alone in your internal struggle?

This ties into the previous point about being consistent. When starting this new relationship, it’s important to remember why the previous one ended. If there was a specific behavior or behaviors that you know bothered your INFJ before, you’ll want to be mindful of not continuing that behavior or those behaviors now.

INFJs sometimes forget to take care of themselves.

Quiet, empathetic dreamers with huge hearts, INFJs are one of the rarest personality types, which naturally, makes them quite odd. It’s their strangeness that makes them come off as mysterious and intriguing to others but it’s often their strangeness that creates problems within their dating lives. Here are 14 common romantic problems INFJs deal with in their lives.

INFJ Personality Type

INFJ and ENTP relationships are more likely to succeed in the long term. Because a lot of INFJs are type 4s, they also want to be unique. This affects the way they keep their things and the structure of their homes. They both need time to recharge and time to socialize.

They are both in the middle of the introversion/extroversion spectrum. ENTPs are introverted extroverts while INFJs are extroverted introverts. One of their biggest strengths in the INFJ and ENTP relationship is their communication style. They want to talk over matters until it’s resolved and they want that now. INFJs can read most people and situations without trying.

They are society-centered, rather than focused on their own personal well-being. Many social workers, therapists, and counselors are INFJs due to this strong sense of empathy. The INFJ’s preference for introversion means that they are not comfortable around large groups of people, preferring just a few close friends. They aren’t party or club scene people, so if that is important to you, don’t date an INFJ.

Like most INFJs, this personality type is idealistic. They have certain expectations they want in a partner. One of them is long-term plans.They are on the search for long-term relationships.

ENFJ. Loyal and dedicated, ENFJs share many of the same values as INFJs. Both of these types thrive when helping others and show a relentless dedication to their principals. Still, while this shared ethic may be a good foundation for a successful relationship, there’s one little letter that can change things around. You can go from being awfully chatty to pin-drop silence in a split second.

Although these personalities may come across as outgoing or even a bit flirtatious, few Protagonists are satisfied by fleeting attractions. In truth, INFJs tend to be confusing people with deeply complex emotions. No matter how resolute and strong the INFJ in your life seems, they carry inner tenderness that requires attentive care. With little acts of kindness, you can engage with your INFJ partner on a profound level they will undoubtedly appreciate. This chart shows an estimate of the compatibility between Myers Briggs® types. Our research shows that the strongest match is usually with someone of the same type.

And that might explain why you’re always happiest with partners who put in the same amount of effort. They will go in will all or nothing approach in more aspects of their life than any other personality type. They are different from typical men especially those who enjoy going to parties, interacting with others, and are driven by excitement. For INFJ males, this can be a struggle since they are expected to do the same.

The ENFJ is prone to feeling hurt when the INFJ critiques the functioning of the household, this comes from the INFJs want for perfectionism. The correction and pointing makes the ENFJ take it personally with a pinch of salt. One potential key to this enigma is to consider NFJs’ general approach to other people and then to ask ourselves how this might precipitate challenges in their relationships.